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“Thanks for checking out my “ Lessons” tab. I have decided to start doing online private lessons to help the bass players that wish to better there playing. I get a lot of emails about my bass playing and about my approach to bass. So this would be a great way for me to share things and also teach in a one-on-one environment in the cyber world. I am using Ichat and Skype for my online lessons and my rate is only $25 for 30min. I help bass players from beginner to pro and everything in between. We will go over different techniques. (Finger Style, Slap, Tapping, Damping, etc). Different scale exercises to help with your fingering and more. We will work at your pace and your time. Just shoot me an email: anthonycrawford1@yahoo.com. Thanks a lot and make sure you check out some of the YouTube lessons on my site.”

– Anthony

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